Beware of Sanjay Sanyal, help to arrest him!

This used to be the Website of Assurgent Technology Solutions Ltd. A company which has shown a massive growth of number of employees in a very short time, it peaked at approx. 3000 employees in 2009 when it collapsed.

The company was run by Sanjay (or Sanjoy) Sanyal, a person what we know now is a pathological liar.

In 2009 when the company collapsed due to a failing or practically non existing business model and constant frauds committed by Sanjay Sanyal, he managed to evade the indian justice system for a while by fleeing outside of India.

When he went back of course he was promptly jailed for a couple of month. He managed to get bail and is since then fleeing from the courts and police.

Since then a number of trials are running, there are several warrants for his arrest, so if you see him, contact the next police station of inform us so we can inform the police accordingly to get him arrested.

As stated above Sanjay is a pathological liar and he is extremely convincing.
He tried many times to defraud many Europeans and American companies and was successful from time to time. If you are in business with him, contact the police. You are in grave danger to lose all your investments.

Sanjay is also known to use several aliases, like Gee, Baba and others.

Here are a few examples of his lies and the truth:

Lie: He claims to own or has owned a huge leather business which he inherited from his father with thousands of employees and a multi-million Dollar turnover.
Truth: He never owned a real leather business, however he worked with some as a sales guy and of course defrauded them. His father was a low level government office clerk.

Lie: He claims that he has degrees from various prestige schools, like an MBA from Harvard or varios engineering degrees from MIT India.
Truth: He never had any higher education, he went to a small college in his hometown in India.

Lie: He claims that he owns several houses or villas, luxury cars, private jets etc. and sometimes proof this by showing pictures of him standing beside that cars, aircrafts, houses etc.
Truth: He does not own legally any of those things. For example he likes to stand besides random luxury cars in parking lots, and let people picture him. Later he uses this pictures to show his fake wealth.

Here are is a copy of his passport:


Here is are photos how he likes to picture himself:

Sanjay Sanyal

Here are images of him when he was jailed and interrogated by the police for one of his crimes:

Sanjay Sanyal

Sanjay Sanyal

Sanjay Sanyal

Sanjay Sanyal

Sanjay Sanyal

Contact The Police Or Us

If you want to help us to arrest him and you know his whereabouts please contact the next police station. Or write us an email at where he is currently staying. We will forward this information to the appropriate Indian agencies.